A new project in Malawi …….

Our Malawi project

Christian Mercy Foundation, established about ten years ago, is a small school based in a rural area, just outside Blantyre in Malawi. About 400 vulnerable children attend the school, some are disabled, struggling not only to walk some great distance, but also to manage steps into the classroom which is very challenging.
This little boy, eight years old, is deaf and has difficulty in learning at school with no extra help or anyone who can teach him sign language. He is an orphan, stays with his grandmother. They are suffering and constantly searching for food and clothes.

Children were sitting on the floor through lack of benches and desks. Hands of Compassion gave a grant for them to purchase another 100 desks and some library books, the latter as a way of improving their learning.

School Books


A second grant was given by Hands of Compassion to enable them to purchase a Maize Grinding Mill, which will help their feeding programme for the children, as well as generate some income for their general funds.

Grinding Mill