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Our story so far …

In 2000, 25 orphaned or vulnerable children, living in Chipulukusu, Zambia, started to meet in a derelict building. Sitting on the dirt ground, they were eager to learn, despite no proper classroom, blackboard or books. Lessons stopped at 12 noon when the sun was too hot.
Over 600 orphaned or vulnerable children now attend this school.

In 2016 the Zambian Ministry of Education agreed to take over the management of the school, thus ensuring sustainability for the future.

There is a need to help more children, living in extreme poverty, through supporting other school projects.

If they cannot go to school, what hope do they have? They face a life of destitution.

Hands of Compassion Charitable Foundation is a registered charity. Our objective is to help educational projects in Zambia through advice and financial support.

Our core values, which underpin all our activities are Christian focused, in serving the poor and needy people, showing love and compassion in all we do.

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