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Zambia, one of the poorest countries in the world, has an estimated  population of 17 million people.   1 in 12 are orphaned children who live with grandparents or older siblings, for whom the cost of uniforms and school fees are not possible.   Consequently many children do not go to school and without education, are in a terrible cycle of poverty, vulnerable to child labour and abuse.

AIDS-related illnesses are a leading cause of death among adolescents in Eastern and Southern Africa because many are still unaware of their HIV status and do not know that there are treatments and support structures available to them.

We see education as a break in the poverty cycle, thereby giving hope and a better quality of life –   a future they deserve!

Paul is among many whose lives have been transformed by having access to education through the support of Hands of Compassion.
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Despite the hard struggles that Paul had to face, he did exceptionally well at school. Paul’s wish had always been to become a Doctor. He was accepted as a student at University and attained his degree in BioMedical Science. Read more

Since Hands of Compassion began in 2000, thousands of orphaned or vulnerable children have been helped through education.   Some such as Binwell and Yvonne have now become teachers, and Abbishy has completed his teachers’ training programme.

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