St Agness Church Primary School

St Agness Church Primary School is situated in a rural area about two hours drive from Ndola. There are about 360 children who attend, from Grades 1 to 7. At present they only have 4 classrooms of which two are extremely small, walls unplastered with only openings for doors and windows. The pupils have to carry their desks and benches across the school yard to the larger classrooms every day for safe storage over night. They have very few text books and other school resources. The facilities at St Agness school was quite a contrast to the 1st school that Hands of Compassion had been supporting over the years. They only had 2 pupil toilets, 1 for boys and 1 for girls so their urgent need was to have an additional toilet block.

In addition they need help in completing a two classroom block which at present is only at window height.

Hands of Compassion promised to help them, and have sent a first instalment to enable them to start digging the foundations for the pupil toilet block.

Unfinished classroom block
Small classroom