Abbishy was a former pupil at the school in Chipulukusu. Abbishy’s father died when he was very young and his mother died when he was 12 years old, leaving Abbishy to be looked after by his older brother. It was very tough for him, leaving his home with just one small plastic bag, no blanket or bedding.

There are many children who live in similar circumstances, no bed to sleep on, just the floor or an old chair, sharing a blanket with one’s brother. Coming home from school but having no good light to do homework, just a paraffin lamp or candle. Yet despite these tough conditions, Abbishy worked hard and is now studying to be a Teacher at College, completing in December 2018, when he hopes to become a Teacher at Secondary school specialising in Mathematics and Agricultural Science.


Paul was a former pupil at the school in Chipulukusu . Paul’s father died when he was only three years old and his mother and grandmother died in tragic circumstances whilst he was at Secondary school. Despite the hard struggles that Paul had to face, he did exceptionally well at school.

Paul’s wish had always been to become a Doctor. He was accepted as a student at University and attained his degree in BioMedical Science. He is now continuing the second stage of his studies to become a Doctor – “This is my will, to work extra hard, God has helped in every step that I do, I want to be helping patients who are in need and facing obstacles in life” said Paul – he is following his dream!